Welcome to Double K Longhorns

Double K Longhorns is the result of Keith's life long dream to own iconic Texas Longhorns and Kathy's love for all 4-legged creatures.  But what began as an innocent hobby quickly turned into an obsession.  Much time has been spent studying online pedigrees, touring longhorn ranches, and learning from established breeders.  With the help and guidance from some of the very best in the industry, we've built a foundation herd that we not only enjoy seeing in our pasture, but that we believe will help meet our breeding goals.  Those goals are to raise total package longhorns that are functionally sound, possess correct breed conformation, and are marketable to other breeders and longhorn lovers. The traits we desire most and target in our breeding program are calm disposition, excellent mothering ability, color, and easy fleshing ability.

Double K Brand

We're located on the western edge of the Texas Hill Country along the banks of Gentry Creek just north of Junction, TX.  Please Contact Us if you’d like to discuss any of our animals or make an appointment to visit the ranch.  If you can't visit in person, we're happy to provide additional photos and videos upon request. 

Keith & Kathy